Welcome to the online information store of Panways your best partner for any travel need.
Meet the horizon, find yourself amidst nature, criss-cross the terrains of India from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and Thar to seven damsels of North East, with the most professionally managed travelling partner - Panways !
All seasons of the year, Panways has something or the other special packages to offer you because we know that every season is most suitable for some places on this earth. We just be there, with you.
Adventure is life for some people. Panways has a special acknowledgement for that spirit, be it wild life watching or snorkling or scuba diving or skiing or simply trekking.
Love is in the air when you are in Honeymoon and no one appreciates that more than Panways. So we have tailor made packages for you two only. Tell us what you love most after your partner, mountains or seas, and we'll send you to the most romantic getaway sof your lives.
Snow peaks and lush green valleys to pristine beaches and ecstasic waterfalls to sand dunes and dense forests, Panways takes you there, with ease and perfection, always!
Beauty of Nature
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